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Who are we?

At The Willows Academy Trust, our motto is:

'Learning, Achieving, Succeeding'.

The Willows Academy is a specialist primary school for children aged 5-13, who have a statement or EHCP for special educational needs (SEN), predominantly behavioural, social and emotional. It is currently made up of 5 different classes - Elm, Maple, Ash, Oak and Beech - that support the pupils in different areas of their learning and development.

In addition to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, The Willows Academy also offers services, such as play therapy and speech and language therapy, and an educational psychologist to provide an in-depth assessment of pupils'  learning needs.

At The Willows Academy, our motto is 'Learning, Succeeding, Achieving', and we work hard to ensure that our children, as well as making good progress with their learning, are able to build confidence, develop their social skills, improve behaviour and, when possible, return to mainstream school.